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How to write an outline for an essay: step-by-step instructions

It is important for a student to compose an outline prior to embarking on his or her studies. An essay has its own specific outline. This is quite different to that for research papers and dissertations. You need to know how to write an essay outline for your essay paper. There are basic guidelines that should be adhered to. Are you eager to master them? Well, these steps have been clearly presented below.

  • Carry out in-depth research
    Research is something you are only doing once and therefore, you should make use of all the resources within your disposal. If you know all the resources that are required by names, you should save on time and find them right away. This can only take you a few minutes if you are serious. Make sure you put down what you read from these materials. If you fail to make adequate research, your outline for an essay will have inadequate points as well.
  • Brainstorming
    As much as some people think they can just remember everything without referring back to their notes, there are those who must do so. If you are sure that you are not a good crammer, the best option for you is to try and brainstorm. You may be asking yourself what this is all about. Well, brainstorming entails reading topics that are important to your essay topic and then writing whatever you have comprehended down. You should not note down anything controversial or something that you do not get its meaning.
  • Note the main points
    You have to get back to all the brainstormed points and read them keenly. There are those that will be more relevant to your work while others will note. Among those that are more pertinent, try to sample out and make them brief. If there are those you can combine, simply do so and save on time. Once you have done this, you can then list them down one by one. The main points should not be more than three for a 500 word essay. What matters is how you are going to back them up.
  • Back up information
    This should be provided beneath every main point. This way of organizing your information helps you to craft a good paper. You are position to develop a paragraph and back it up without any worries. Since an outline contains points aligned according to their importance, you are able to compose a logical paper. Do not start with the least important point but put the major ones at the forefront. Examples are also part of your back up information.